Geneva – Frederique Constant has been no stranger to creating special editions to celebrate different cultures and countries around the world. This year, the brand is honoring the Arabic culture with its own Arabic Heritage Edition timepiece. This special watch will be available in all Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Astronomy in Arabic Culture

For as long as time itself, Arabs have been precursors in the fields of mathematics, algebra and astronomy. For this noble culture, not only did the stars and the moon tell a story, but they dictated their daily lives. Indeed, this culture used the stars and the moon to create the lunar calendar which is still followed today. The calendar set the different important moments in a person’s life, such as Ramadan or Hajj. Nighttime and all its celestial wonders hold the most important meaning in a Muslim’s life and this is why it was only natural to Frederique Constant to design this timepiece with a midnight blue dial and incorporating a moonphase at 6 o’clock.

Arabic Heritage

The Arabic Heritage Edition features Eastern Arabic numerals on the dial. The system was adopted by Arab mathematicians in Baghdad and passed on to the Arabs farther west. After one of his visits to the Maghreb region, Fibonacci later adapted these symbols to the numerals used today in western society. Frederique Constant’s timepiece honors this heritage by placing these eastern Arabic Numerals on the dial as one of the most precious Arabic Heritage symbols.

Manufacture Movement FC-715

The FC-715 is one of the most sought after movements in the Manufacture collection. This version holds a 40,5mm stainless steel case featuring a case back opening, that once opened reveals the heart of the movement, a true hidden treasure. The movement features a 6 o’clock opening for the moonphase and date by hand featuring the Eastern Arabic numerals, both adjustable through the crown. As a true Manufacture movement, completely in-house designed, produced and assembled, it features Perlages and Cotes de Genève decoration and this particular caliber holds a 42h power reserve.  The dial features a mesmerizing midnight blue color which contrasts with the silver-colored hands and numerals mimicking an endless starry night. The whole is made complete with an elegant blue alligator strap.