In 2015-2016, Frederique Constant Foundation (FCF) funds will be allocated will be in the form of grants aligned to our strategy. Geographically, that means we support projects in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. Our strategy is to support heart and children related projects and charities. A substantial, long-standing commitment to these projects is key for the FCF. Capitalizing on our prior donations, and the long-term ties that bind them, gives us a base from which to tackle the many challenges still facing Cardiovascular disease (CVD), particularly for children in developing countries.

The projects we undertake with our partners will be those aligned to our foundation objectives. They will make clear contributions – direct or indirect – to our focal regions and CVD programme. Clear criteria will determine how and what we choose to fund. Projects need to be tangible and will tackle urgent and important children CVD health issues.


Before submitting a project idea to us, please take a moment to understand our criteria. Below are the elements that we look for when evaluating a project proposal.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD), once thought to be confined primarily to industrialized nations, has emerged as a major health threat in developing countries. Cardiovascular disease now accounts for nearly 30 percent of deaths in low and middle income countries each year, and is accompanied by significant economic repercussions. Yet most governments, global health institutions, and development agencies have largely overlooked CVD as they have invested in health in developing countries. Recognizing the gap between the compelling evidence of the global CVD burden and the investment needed to prevent and control CVD, the Frederique Constant Charity Foundation supports all activities that contribute on a tangible level to alleviation of CVD.

We fund surgical operations for patients in need.

We fund and provide the latest medical equipment to patient facilities in need.

We concentrate our donations to developing countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

We particularly aim to help children from war-torn and developing countries who would otherwise find it almost impossible to receive the treatment they need.

We focus on projects that teach and train cardiac units in developing countries. These projects have two aims: to treat children suffering from life-threatening heart diseases and to provide onsite expertise and teaching for local cardiac teams.

We fund research dedicated to babies, children and teenagers with heart defects.

Apart from urgent and tangible heart related projects that need our immediate funding, we also support charities that work toward two essential goals:

  • creating environments that promote heart healthy lifestyle choices and help reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and
  • building public health infrastructure and health systems with the capacity to implement programs that will effectively detect and reduce risk and manage CVD.

The Steps for Submitting an Application To Apply For Funds

Below is our suggested course of action for any would-be implementing project seeking funds:

Study the FCF strategy to see if and how your project fits with our priorities, goals and objectives.
If you think there is a fit, complete and submit the project concept form and the financial budgeting template. The two completed electronic forms should be sent to our Programme Assistant, Sylvie Cretin at [email protected]
We will assess the project based on the forms and give you feedback.
If we are interested in what you propose, we will invite you to complete a full project proposal.
We will then evaluate the full project proposal and let you know whether or not it has been accepted.