Welcome to our new Retailer Portal for Sales Associates promoting and selling Frederique Constant. Here you will find extensive training materials, videos and incentive programs that will certainly excite you. We want to live our passion with you! Please make sure to register to have full access to the Retailer Portal, below you see introductions only to the materials. Upon registration, you can see all and proceed to complete articles and modules. Thank you and together we will live our passion!

We understand that you have limited time. With this in mind, we have created an efficient program to be able to tell the Frederique Constant Story most effectively. Even after a short time investment, you will have a better view of the brand. For example, we created a 5 minute historical movie that inspires and motivates. It will already help you!. Thereafter, there is much more. We suggest the following program:

1. Historical Movie
2. Company Profile
3. Interactive Training
4. Certification
5. Incentive
Historical Movie
We invite you to watch our Frederique Constant Historical Movie
Company Profile
We have prepared a selection from the Frederique Constant class training program. You can flip through slides to get an overview or as a reminder to what you have seen before. Proceed…
Interactive Training
An all new online training program on the company and its products. The program is divided in five chapters and each chapter has its own quiz to test your knowledge. This section is easy to do and will increase your ability to promote and sell Frederique Constant substantially. We encourage you to devote time, we are sure it will be well invested and increase your success. Start Online Training…

Horological Smartwatch
The Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch really is a paradigm shift. We have therefore prepared a section to help you better understand the watch and the App and to increase your confidence when selling these timepieces. Read more…
HSW Section_Pic
When you have studied materials, you have the option to complete an exam. Successful completion will earn you certification and qualify you for the FC for ME incentive program. Proceed…
We have developed the new FC for ME incentive that will let you own any Frederique Constant watch, no cash paid. FC for ME will have sub programs TOURBILLON for ME and MANUFACTURE for ME. Read more…
Successful promotion and sales of a product starts with best merchandising. We have compiled materials and videos how to do it best. More…
Asset Bank
Don’t forget to check our Asset Bank with images, videos and many other files to download. Read more…
How can we support you?
The Retailer Portal has been created to support Frederique Constant Sales Associates worldwide. Via this link, you have direct access to Aletta and Peter Stas, the Co-Founders of the Frederique Constant Group. Please let us know suggestions how to improve our relationship with you. Together we are strong and living our passion.

Thank you, on behalf of the entire Frederique Constant company,

Aletta and Peter Stas