Watchmaking Workshop

WATCHMAKING WORKSHOP Frederique Constant offers you the exclusive opportunity to put yourself, individually, or as a team, in the skin of a watchmaker. HOW ARE THE WORKSHOPS ORGANIZED The watchmaking atelier lasts approximately an hour and a half and groups can include up to six adults who will collaborate to assemble a functional caliber. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN FROM THIS WORKSHOP? During this session you will learn the names of the components of a mechanical movement, how they work together once assembled to keep track of the time, how to manipulate them and assemble them together, and gather tips from some of the best watchmakers of the “Canton de Genève”. After this atelier, you will be able to appreciate the beauty and technical achievement behind every automatic watch. Your newly acquired knowledge will make you shine in public, and never again shall you blush when someone asks you about the worth of your wristwatch. You will soon become one of the privileged who understands the cultural relevance of a traditional timepiece and the values it represents.