2017 NOVELTY Classics Carrée Automatic

Classics Carrée Automatic
Frederique Constant revives the classic square shape, by introducing a retro-inspired timepiece. The Roaring 20s While square watches were particularly popular among women during the 1920s, men shifted from their round pocket watch and started wearing wristwatches around that time. In order to break from the tradition but also for practical reasons, watchmakers starting using the square-shaped case so it would easily accommodate its leather strap. The trendsetters of the time took notice and the innovative shape soon became the fashion item of that period.

The Square shape today Today, the once fashionable shape has become a mere category amongst a large panoply of choices like sport, classic, diver, racer, pilot and many others. Its classical lines and recognizable shape has become a vintage accessory limited to an exclusive niche of aficionados. Frederique Constant changes all that with its brand new Classics Carrée Automatic. Its elegant, retro 1920s look fits perfectly within the brand’s philosophy and brings back memories of incredibly sophisticated social events.

The Carrée Automatic The Classics Carrée Automatic is presented in two versions, a rose gold-plated polished stainless steel or a polished stainless steel case. The silver-colored dial showcases the renowned & iconic Frederique Constant heartbeat opening at 12 o’clock exposing the inner workings of the FC-310 caliber. Complete with intricate guilloché details the dial also features elegant printed black Roman numerals on the outer-rim, and Breguet-style hands that delicately sway around the dial. The see-through back case reveals the automatic caliber embellished with colimaçon decoration. A black or dark brown leather strap finishes the look. Frederique Constant reinforces its position as a classic brand by reviving such an iconic shape all the while adding a few features that make it a true Frederique Constant watch.

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