Frederique Constant pays tribute to the famous
Pianist Frédéric Chopin

Frederique Constant pays tribute to the famous <br>Pianist Frédéric Chopin
Frédérique Constant is proud to announce the launch of its Limited Edition F. Chopin 2010 in celebration of the 200th birth anniversary of Frédéric Chopin. These comme-morative timepieces are produced in a limited edition of 1810 pieces in steel and in Yellow gold plated and feature an ultra classical dial with a ‘piano keys’ pattern in the centre. Each watch is delivered in a miniature Frédéric Chopin Piano. Short Biography Frédéric-François Chopin (March 1, 1810 – October 17, 1849) is widely seen as one of the greatest of Polish composers renowned for his piano works. A great Romantic composer, who nevertheless wrote absolute music with formal titles such as Mazurkas, Impromptus, Walzes, Nocturnes. He was another one of the extremely rare child prodigies. The musical talent of young Chopin became apparent early on. At the age of 7, he was already the author of two polonaises (in G minor and B-flat major), the first being published in the engraving workshop of Father Cybulski. The prodigy was featured in the Warsaw newspapers, and ‘little Chopin’ became the attraction at receptions given in the aristocratic salons of the capital. He also began giving public charity concerts. His first professional piano lessons lasted from 1816 to 1822, when the teacher was no longer able to give any more help to the pupil whose skills surpassed his own. Chopin’s music for the piano combined a unique rhythmic sense (particularly his use of rubato, chromatic inflections, and the style of Johann Sebastian Bach), as well as a piano technique, which was of his own creation. This mixture produced a particularly fragile sound in the melody and the harmony, which are nonetheless underpinned by solid and interesting harmonic techniques. He took the new salon genre of the nocturne, invented by Irish composer John Field, to a deeper level of sophistication, and endowed popular dance forms, such as the Polish mazurka and the Viennese waltz with a greater range of melody and expression. Chopin in 2010 In Poland, the year of 2010 is announced as the “Year of Fryderyk Chopin” as it is Chopin’s 200th birthday anniversary. Hundreds of events are planned, not only in Poland, however all over the world – concerts, exhibitions, meetings, festivals, congresses and others. Activities are actively coordinated and controlled The Fryderyk Chopin Institute, which was established in 2001 on the basis of an act of the Polish Parliament, to organise concerts, conferences, course, as well as to cover research and popularisation of knowledge about Chopin’s life and work, and cooperation with institutions and organizations dealing in the protection of the Chopin heritage. The Fryderyk Chopin Institute has officially licensed the Frédérique Constant Limited Edition F. Chopin. official_chopin_logo_2010 Live your Passion

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Launching Frederique Constant Junior<br> Why wait? Give him his first Swiss Watch now.

Launching Frederique Constant Junior
Why wait? Give him his first Swiss Watch now.

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