Since 2009, Frederique Constant celebrates the legendary Runabout yachts of the roaring 20’s by offering an attractive series of limited edition timepieces named “Runabout”. Runabout boats were designed by skilled engineers who endeavored to create a timeless design – highly polished wood, gleaming chrome and glistening glass – that would never go out of fashion. They succeeded. Today, these stunningly elegant crafts still grace the world’s finest waterways, and many of them have been seen at events hosted by Frederique Constant.



Guardians of a wonderful legacy. In 1998, the Riva Historical So- ciety was founded in Milan, Italy. The primary objective of the RHS is to locate and aid in the conservation of classic runabout boats that were designed by the passionate boating enthusiast, Mr Carlo Riva. Frederique Constant has joined forces with the Riva Historical Society ; together, they salute the crafts that epi- tomized the sophistication and easy elegance of that wondrous time when the world seemed happy and relaxed.