Best private watch fair ever

Following an intense week at its Manufacture in Plan- les-Ouates, Geneve, Frederique Constant, the Swiss Watch Manufacturer, is pleased to announce more than double order intake compared with 2013.

Every year, Frederique Constant organizes it’s Private Watch Fair in January in conjunction with the SIHH in Geneve. Selected Customers visit the Manufacture to see and order the new collection well before Baselworld.

“We never had so many Customers visiting our Manufacture in January,” said Aletta & Peter Stas, Frederique Constant’s Co-Founders. “It was a pleasure to show the expanded T1 Movement Ateliers as well as our new luxury Furniture Concept.”

2013 Results

In 2013, our production exceeded 128’000 timepieces, sold in over 2’800 points of sale in 100+ countries around the globe. Frederique Constant grew more than 8%, while sales of Alpina grew over 40%. We expect these developments to continue through an annual 20% growth in 2014.

With the ramp-up of our Manufacture production, we now have more than double the capacity for this collection. This year we will be celebrating 10 years Heart Beat Manufacture with our grand BFM Party on 14th of May. With the new Ladies Automatic, Runabout, Vintage Rally and Classics Collections, we reinforce our offer in the €800-3’000 range. All new introductions are well considered additions to best selling collections, through which we maintain our successful positioning as a classical, independent Geneva-based brand in the accessible luxury segment.

Strength of Smart Consumerism

Since its beginning, Frederique Constant has had a strategy to manufacture classical watches at Accessible Luxury prices. We target primary younger business people who have an €800-3’000 budget. Younger people are still on their career ladder and do not earn huge salaries. Why should they not be able to buy a beautiful Geneve fine watch? This is why we offer our Frederique Constant time pieces, to let more people enjoy luxury.

In today’s smart consumerism, we do not only target younger business people anymore, Frederique Constant watches are for all people who love classical fine watches with a genuine value. Beautiful classical watches people buy for themselves, to feel happy about. Not to show-off. If Frederique Constant Customers want to show something, they can brag to their friends that they have made a good choice, a smart choice. It is in line with today’s trend that conspicuous consumerism is out, no more Hummers, no more bling-bling.

Please see our Manufacture FC-705 with in-house hand-assembled movement. Manufacturer Recommended Retail Price 2995 €