Do Good!

Do Good!

As part of Frederique Constant’s continued charitable activities, May 14th, Frederique Constant was the main partner of the Global Gift Gala dinner in the Mouton Cadet Wine Bar in Cannes, raising money for a number of charity projects.
Celebrities and Philanthropists participated in the Global Gift Foundation Gala.

Direct donations and a charity auction raised funds that will be awarded in full to three charitable projects: the Earthquake in Nepal, The Eva Longoria Foundation and to Global Gift Foundation’s project « La Casa in Marbella ».

Alina Peralta, co-founder of Global Gift Foundation, presented with emotions the tragic situation due to the both earthquakes in Nepal and announced that a part of the donations received during the dinner will be sent to the Nepal Earthquake project.


Maria Bravo, co-founder of Global Gift Foundation, explained the details of the project « La Casa in Marbella », which aims at helping the children affected by rare diseases and their families. The inauguration will take place in Marbella, Spain. She encouraged the participants to donate and support the necessary financing for the opening of this multifunctional center, where several institutions will work together for therapy, education and social wel- fare of children in need.

About Global Gift Foundation

Global Gift Foundation is dedicated to making a positive change on the lives of women and children, using its platform to benefit other foundations while carrying out its own philanthropic projects. Global Gift
Foundation was established in 2013 by Maria Bravo and Alina Peralta, and is a non-profit organization focused on creating a positive impact on the lives of children, women and families, grouping fiscally responsible organizations, resources, celebrities, influencers, organizations and brands for a global impact of transformation. The Foundation has a simple mis- sion, to create positive change in the development, welfare, health and social inclusion of the most vulnerable.

About Eva Longoria

The Eva Longoria Foundation helps Latinas build better futures for them- selves and their families through education and entrepreneurship. These projects include teaching parents how to help their children succeed in school and giving microloans to low-income Latina entrepreneurs to help them grow or start their businesses. Your donation also contributed to the Foundation’s research about what factors can lead to more Latinas graduating high school and attending college. The Eva Longoria Founda- tion continues to give money to Latina Women in the form of microloans. With funds raised at the Global Gift Gala, the foundation will be able to provide 20-25 microloans for Latinas to be able to start up their own com- panies.