E-Strap Dark Brown Yellow Gold Plated 22mm



USD 239

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Patented MMT-100 Module. Autonomy/Battery Life: 7 days. Average charging time: 4 hours. Activity Tracking, Sleep Monitoring.

한 상자

Stainless Steel (yellow gold plated) & glass

손잡이 가죽끈

Dark brown leather, can be used on any watch with a 22mm lugwidth.

The Frederique Constant E-Strap is a patented smart buckle and strap that fits on any analog watch. Hence our slogan: Make Any Analog Watch Smart. Built by the watch industry experts that created the Horological Smartwatch, Frederique Constant’s E-Strap is a logical next step to add smart functionality to existing watches. The ultra-small buckle extension can hardly be seen, as it is thin and covered by the leather strap. The Frederique Constant E-Strap is built on the full Horological Smartwatch Platform and its sophisticated functionality.

The same MMT-365 App that accompany Horological Smartwatches is available to Frederique Constant E-Strap customers. Frederique Constant E-Straps track ACTIVITY with GET ACTIVE ALERTS as well as MONITOR SLEEP with SMART SLEEP ALARMS. Most importantly, Frederique Constant E-Straps will be available for US$/EUR/CHF 229-249, which includes a beautiful leather strap in a variety of colors. The E-Strap will be available for customers through our After Sales Service; so any analog watch sent to us will have the possibility to be fitted for an E-Strap, if the client so desires.

The new “E-Strap” is adaptable to every analog watch having a lugwidth of 20mm or 22mm. Frederique Constant and MMT SwissConnect worked together once more to adapt the same applications of the Horological Smartwatch to the E-Strap. With the help of the companion MMT-365 app, the user is able to check his or her figures at any time while simply wearing the E-Strap on any traditional Frederique Constant quartz and automatic analog watch. The module inside the buckle has an ultra low power processor, highly integrated electronics device with bluetooth capabilities, and a rechargable battery.

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