We have a modern Atelier with an optimal infrastructure and qualified professional staff that service and restore Frédérique Constant watches. Our watchmakers benefit from continuous training in order to maintain and improve the level of service we offer to our customers. While we hope that your Frédérique Constant timepiece will never need major repairs, our watch makers in the Service Atelier are ready to repair your watch. Please see below videos on the Service Atelier and some repair actions.



A completely new atelier has been constructed for the development and repair of our manufacture movements. In this clean and well-organized environment, specially trained and highly skilled watchmakers create and repair our state of the art watches.


Watches received from our customers for repair are unpacked and the provided information is checked carefully for the noted faults. Watches are then inspected in detail by professional watchmakers in our atelier in Geneva to check upon the defaults. All defaults are put in the computer system for secure filing and future retrieval. A repair sheet with unique repair ID is printed to be handed over to a professional watchmaker.



A watch equipped with a mechanical movement received a huge shock. The mechanical movement is de-regulated. The movement is checked first with specialized watch monitoring equipment. The spiral of the balance must be checked to see if it is still lies flat and central on the axel. If not, the spiral needs to be positioned in place again.



After this watch is wound manually, the watch stops working after a while. Even when worn on the wrist by the customer. There is most probably a defect on the automatic winding mechanism, causing the watch to stop. After the watch is opened, is it possible to check the working of the winding mechanism by hand.


Some of our watch models are equipped with a ‘cut-out’ date disc. This disc is therefore very sensitive for minor deflection. When such a deflection is present in the disc, it is possible that the disc will jam and that it stops the watch.


A watch is returned because the hands have touched each other. The hour and minute hand are clearly damaged when the customer has set the time. The damaged hands are removed and replaced by new hands.


A screw has come loose inside the watch and it is blocking the balance wheel. Inspection of the screw and the rotor bridge shows that one of the rotor bridge screws has come loose. The screw is screwed back in tightly and the other screws in the bridge are also checked for a tight fit.