Бренд поддерживает аукцион Only Watch эксклюзивной моделью часов

Frederique Constant выпустила единственную версию модели Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Manufacture в корпусе из розового золота 18K с циферблатом скелетон из синего метеорита и окошком открытого баланса на отметке 6 часов, позволяющим своему владельцу наслаждаться всей сложность механизма этой модели.


Демократичные усложнения

Модели Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon являются воплощением дальновидного стремления основателей бренда сделать швейцарское часовое мастерство и инновации более доступными.

В 2004 году после нескольких лет разработки Frederique Constant представил свой первый запатентованный мануфактурный калибр, отмеченный наградами, Heart Beat Manufacture.

Спустя четыре года марка презентовала свою первую мануфактурную модель Tourbillon – один из самых сложных калибров индустрии, созданный на базе моделей Heart Beat Manufacture.

Позднее в 2016, в честь празднования 10-летнего юбилея мануфактуры в План-лез-Уат, был презентован новый сложный калибр Manufacture Perpetual Calendar, который открыл новое поколение сложных швейцарских часов по доступной цене и стал ориентиром экспертизы бренда.


The movement

Aiming to provide ultimate precision, the in-house automatic FC-975 movement is equipped with a silicium escapement wheel and anchor. This specific material counters problems caused by the effect of the earth’s gravity when the movement is in a vertical position and is resistant to temperature change.

This grand complication also bears a smart weight balance wheel and a delicate and evenTourbillon cage. Frederique Constant patented its Tourbillon cage composed of 80 components all produced with a precision of 1-2 micron (0.001-0.002 mm) thanks to its CNC machines. In order to achieve the highest degree of precision, small weights are added in the Tourbillon’s cage to obtain a perfect balance. When the Tourbillon is constructed, the cage’s stability is slightly off, as the escapement wheel and anchor are decentred. Frederique Constant added a “smart screw” system on the outer edge of the Tourbillon to equalize the weight and deliver a perfect balance within the cage, resulting in a more stable amplitude and rate.


The watch

The Meteorite Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Manufacture Only Watch model is a unique piece presented in a 42mm diameter 3-part 18K rose gold case with a see-through case back to let one admire the delicate Perlage & Côtes de Genève decorations.

The watch features a stunning, skeletonized blue tint meteorite dial. This four billion-year-old, very rare material fell on Earth 80’000 years ago and was found in Namibia, Africa back in 1839.

The Perpetual Calendar complication also displays the day, date and month and requires even less adjustments than an annual calendar. This highly sophisticated complication acknowledges the number of days each month, displays the year and automatically adjust itself on the leap years.

Once set, it will remember the months with 30 and 31 days, the 28 days of February as well as the leap year cycle with the return of 29th of February every four years. The Perpetual Calendar doesn’t require any manual correction before 400 years, although there is an exception in the Gregorian Calendar, the watch will need to be adjusted on March 1st, 2100. The hour and minute functions are all adjustable through the crown. The dial presents at 12 o’clock the months and leap year, at 3 o’clock the days and at 9 o’clock the week days.

The tourbillon’s cage sits at 6 o’clock, with its incorporated seconds hand that rotates once everyminute.

Frederique Constant decided to develop this one-of-a-kind timepiece and support the 8th edition of Only Watch to finance scientific research for the rare Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The Brand is looking to offer the best fruit of its high-end watchmaking know-how to do good.