Measure. Analyse. Track.


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Conceived and produced in our Swiss Manufacture
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Measure. Analyse. Track.

Measure the accuracy of your mechanical watches.

In the past, only a watchmaker could measure the accuracy of a mechanical watch. With Frederique Constant Analytics, it is now possible to measure the accuracy of your timepiece by yourself efficiently and at low cost. We developed an easy to use device and app to measure the state of your watch. Works with iOS and Android mobile phones.

In line with our Accessible Luxury philosophy, we offer Analytics for a very attractive price.


The hallmark of a great timepiece is accuracy. A measure of accuracy is a measure of value. Each mechanical timepiece has a tiny Balance Wheel that acts as a pendulum. Every oscillation back and forth should take exactly one second. But if the Balance Wheel mechanism is off by just a matter of a few degrees, the accuracy of the watch will suffer.


To start measuring the heartbeat of the timepiece, the ingenious Analytics Clip must be placed on the watch and the user must launch the SwissConnect Analytics App, available for iOS and Android. Within seconds, Frederique Constant Analytics measures the accuracy of the watch. It measures the precision of mechanical watches, with an accuracy of at least ±0.2s/day.

Visualize results

An oscilloscope shows the audio waveform in real time. The result is plotted in a chart, which can be saved for later reference.
Also, Analytics can record and save a long-time measurement, e.g. for 12 hours, to analyze the long-time performance of your watch.