Classic Heart Beat Automatic watch for man. Automatic movement, silver dial, stainless-steel case, heart beat opening and black leather strap



Ensuring proper use and care of your watch

How to care for your watch

  • Avoid violent impacts and knocks which could leave marks on your case and damage the internal mechanism of your watch.
  • Do not subject your watch to extreme temperatures (less than 0°C or greater than 60°C) or temperature changes.
  • Do not leave your watch near an electro-magnetic source, such as loudspeakers which could damage the mechanism of your watch.
  • Over time, a watch may lose its water-resistance as seals become worn or if it suffers an accidental impact. We recommend you take your watch to one of our service centres every 3 years to check its water-resistance and its general condition.
  • Simple crown: remember to put the crown back into the neutral position after changing the time in order to prevent moisture getting into the mechanism.
  • Screw-down crown: remember to screw down the crown after changing the time in order to prevent moisture getting into the mechanism.
  • Chronograph push buttons: do not activate the push buttons in water as water make get into the mechanism.
  • Smartwatch crown: The “crown” is not a crown in the literal sense, it is simply a push button and does not turn (and if turned may be damaged). Do not activate the push button in water as water may get into the mechanism.
  • In order to care for your timepiece, use a small toothbrush and soapy water to clean your metal straps and the water-resistant cases, then rinse carefully with clean water. Dry with a soft rag
  • As a precaution, do not change the time and date between 8pm and 4am, as there is a high risk of mechanical breakage.